We are currently (July 2018) transitioning to a new online giving platform called Planning Center Giving. We are excited about this change as we hope to simplify online giving. 

If you already give to Hope Fellowship Church, please take a moment to cancel your account through Vanco (old giving platform) and use the button to the right to continue giving through Planning Center Giving (new giving platform).



  • Please note Credit & Debit Card transactions incur a 2.3% processing fee;

  • ACH bank transfers incur a $.25 fee and take only a few minutes to setup.

  • If possible, please give using the "Bank Account" option instead of the "Credit Card" option to minimize processing costs

Click below to access Vanco and close your account:
1. Login to your account
2. Click the “profile” tab in the upper right
3. Click the “cancel profile” button in the lower left



Checks may be mailed or arranged through Electronic Bill Pay to be sent to:

Hope Fellowship Church
16 Beech Street
Cambridge, MA 02140



Annual giving receipts for the previous year are sent out by January 31.



Text any amount to 84321 and follow the instructions on screen.




For any questions or help making your gift, please contact Jeff King.