Mission begins with a kind of explosion of joy. The news that the rejected and crucified Jesus is alive is something that cannot possibly be suppressed. It must be told. Who can be silent about such a fact? The mission of the Church in the pages of the New Testament is more like the fallout from a vast explosion, a radioactive fallout which is not lethal but life-giving.
— Lesslie Newbigin, missionary to India

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International Missions Trips


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Central Asia: October 12-20, 2018

We will be supporting our missions partners in the work they're doing, teaching english, and building relationships with many of the urban Turks living in Istanbul.

Approximate cost $1,700

We encourage you to not let the cost of the trips prevent you from participating. Team members will be helped in sending fundraising letters/emails to friends and family to help defer the cost of the trip.  The congregation is also invited to support the teams. 

For more information regarding any of these international missions trips please contact John Josti. If you are interested in submitting an application to participate, please do so by completing the form below.


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