Children's Ministry

We believe that children are gifts from God and an important part of our community. It is our desire to make church a nurturing, enlightening and fun place for your children. 


Available anytime during the service

  • Babies: Birth to Walking (Nursery)- The room is equipped to facilitate a wide range of activities for babies- swinging, rocking, tummy time, sitting up, and crawling.
  • Toddlers: Walking to 2 yrs old- Each Sunday is filled with a time of play followed by circle time where the children come together to hear a story from the Bible.

Dismissed during the service, before the last song prior to the sermon

  • Preschool: 3 yrs old to Pre-K- Each week our preschoolers are taught a lesson from the Gospel Project curriculum, which uses Bible stories, activities, songs, and videos.
  • Sunday School: Kindergarten to 3rd Grade- elementary school children go deeper into stories from the Bible using the Gospel Project curriculum, which uses singing, Scripture memory, Bible texts, and crafts.


  • There is no child care or classes offered at this time.
  • The sermon can be heard in the Nursery and Toddler rooms for parents who would like to take their children downstairs during the service.

Hope Fellowship Children’s Ministry Core Values:



At Hope Fellowship we believe that the only hope for our children is through Jesus Christ. Because of this, no amount of behavior modification or obedience can bring lasting change to a child’s heart. For that reason, our goal as a ministry of Hope Fellowship is to shepherd the hearts of our little ones towards faith and hope in Christ, not merely to align their behavior with Christian principles. We desire to help our children see that Jesus is their heart’s greatest desire and only hope.


The Bible teaches us that parents and the family are the primary disciplers of a child’s heart (Deut. 6:4-9). Additionally, we believe the Church and the home should be partners in the gospel. Because of this, Hope Fellowship seeks to partner with parents and families in the discipleship of their own children. The gospel-centered children’s curriculum taught on Sundays is designed to supplement the gospel-centered teaching within the home. We exist to come alongside parents as they raise their children in light of the gospel.


It takes a community to raise a child. Just as in the home, we also desire for our children to grow up in a church family that models the gospel and helps to shape and prepare them to be healthy church members once they have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. One of the ways we seek to achieve this is by including children in the corporate worship services each Sunday before they are dismissed to their age-appropriate classrooms.

If you would like to know more about our children's program or find out about ways you can serve, please contact Zach Barton.